Tuesday, 8 November 2016

iFeng Q3 Report

Nov 9th, ifeng.com (NYSE: FENG) released 2016 Q3 report. According to the report, as of Sept 30th, 2016, the company received a revenue of USD54 million for Q3, among which USD46.60 million is from adevertizement division, increased by 3.5%. The growth is mainly attributable to mobile ads growth of 69.4%, PC ads down by 22.8%, partly offset the overall growth. 11月9日消息,凤凰网(NYSE: FENG)今日公布2016年第三季度财报。财报显示,截至2016年9月30日,凤凰网2016年第三季度总收入为人民币3.600亿元(约合5400万美元),其中净广告收入为人民币3.104亿元(约合4660万美元),较去年同期的人民币3.000亿元增长3.5%,增长主要由于移动广告收入同比增长69.4%,同时被PC广告收入同比下降22.8%所影响,部分抵销了净广告收入的增长。

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