Thursday, 13 October 2016

Autohome Changes Owner

Autohome confirmed that the non-biding privatization proposal by former CEO Qin Zhi on Apr 16th, 2016, on behalf of Boyucapital, Sequoia Capital China and Hillhouse TBC has been withdrawn on 13th. On Oct 3rd, Autohome's new Directors were appointed, meanwhile Qinzhi and Lixiang had resigned from office. 汽车之家13日宣布该公司董事会特别委员会最近收到公司前CEO秦致的通告函,他代表由博裕资本、红杉资本中国基金和Hillhouse TBC控股组成的财团提出,撤回2016年4月16日提交的非约束性私有化收购要约。10月3日晚间,汽车之家宣布,已任命康雁和王俊朗为公司新董事,而李想和秦致已辞去董事之职。

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