Monday, 1 August 2016

Didi Buys Uber China

August 1st, the rumor used to be denied by both Didi and Uber China was finally confirmed. Didi has reached into strategic agreement with Uber that Didi is to acquire Uber China's brand, operations and data in China. Didi and Uber will hold each other's stock and be minority shareholder. 8月1日,传言多次均遭双方否认的滴滴出行和优步中国合并的消息终于坐实,滴滴出行与Uber全球达成战略协议,将收购优步中国的品牌、业务、数据等全部资产在中国大陆运营。滴滴出行和Uber全球将互相持股,成为对方的少数股权股东。

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