Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Baidu Promotion Account Stolen Rampage

In 2016, there have been significant increase in Baidu promotion account stolen case, in which forbiden keywords were added by the number of thousands, including "Cash out Alipay" or "Alipay transfer", and rapidly depleted the balance of a stolen account. 2016年以来,大量在百度使用推广服务的中小企业遭遇盗号,其正在使用的百度推广账号被瞬间添加了大量诸如“支付宝转账”、“余额宝转出”等热门关键词,使得企业推广关键词从不足10个增加至数千个,随之而来的就是账户内的余额在很短的时间内被消耗殆尽。

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