Monday, 18 July 2016

Baidu Promote Gamble Sites

July 18th, in response to report accusing Baidu of promoting gambling websites, Baidu claims that such gambling info was modified from legitimate by ads company, and Baidu has reported the case to the Authorities. The Cyber Administration of China has requested its subsidiary in Beijing to investigate the case. 7月18日消息,今日有媒体报道“百度深夜推广赌博网站:一晚累计收费超30万?”,百度方面回应称所涉网站中的赌博信息均为企业深夜私自违规更改后的内容,目前百度已启动向公安机关报案,同时正加紧收集证据积极协助调查。国家互联网信息办公室有关负责人表示,已要求北京市网信办进行调查,并适时公布调查结果。

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