Tuesday, 29 March 2016

SHARP Acquisition Price Dropping

According to informed sources, Foxcomm is still in acqusition negotiation with SHARP, and new changes might happen anytime. According to latest terms, Foxcomm is to purchase new shares to be issued by SHARP with a consideration of JPY389.0 billion. Upon completion of the deal, Foxcomm is to own 2/3 equity of SHARP. The latest price is much lower than Foxcomm's original offer JPY489.0 billion. 据知情人士透露,目前收购夏普的新方案仍在谈判当中,并随时可能会出现新的变化。根据新条款,富士康将斥资3890亿日元(约合223.3亿元人民币)认购夏普发行的新股,获得夏普三分之二的股权,但相比富士康最初4890亿日元(约合280.7亿元人民币)的报价,数额仍是下降了不少。

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