Sunday, 10 January 2016

Microsoft Under Monopoly Investigation

Jan 5th, State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China revealed on its website that a monopoly investigation against Microsoft is in progress. The Administration require Microsoft to provide explainations for important questions found during the investigation and a complete clarification after the questioning. Microsoft has expressed that the Company has always acted in compliance with Chinese laws and is willing to provide cooperation to the authorities. 1月5日,工商总局在其网站披露,工商总局专案组对微软公司、微软大中华区有关负责人进行反垄断询问调查,要求其就总局对微软公司涉嫌垄断案进行调查以来获取的电子数据中有关重大问题进行说明,并要求其在询问调查后及时提交完整说明材料。微软方面对此称,“微软始终严格遵守中国的相关法律法规,并一直积极配合工商总局的调查。”

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