Sunday, 17 January 2016

Chinese Mobile Phone Brands Takes 7 of Top 10

According to 2015 Global Smart Phone Market Report by TrendForce, 1.292 billion smart phones were sold in 2015, up by 10.3%, of which 539 million units or about 40% were from Chinese brands. Chinese brands takes 7 of the Top 10 mobil phone brands in China. 台湾市场调研和分析公司 TrendForce 发布了 2015 年全球智能手机市场情况报告。报告显示,去年全球智能手机销量高达 12.92 亿部,同比增长 10.3%。其中来自中国地区的手机品牌合计出货量高达 5.39 亿支,占全球比重超过四成,并囊括全球前十大手机品牌中的七个席次。

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