Thursday, 10 December 2015

Priceline Invest in Ctrip

Dec 11th, received a USD1 billion investment in the form of convertible bonds from Priceline and another long term investment company. Moreover, Priceline is allowed to continue buying Ctrip ADs until it holds 15% of Ctrip. This shareholding includes USD250 million convertible bonds Citrp issued to Priceline in May 2015 and USD500 million in August 2014. 12月11日消息 今日,携程旅行网宣布获得Priceline集团和一家长期股权投资公司分别5亿美元的可转换债券投资,两家共计10亿美金。此外,Priceline获准可在公开市场上继续购买携程美国存托凭证直至持有携程15%的股票,此持股比例包含携程对Priceline于2015年5月发行的2.5亿美元可转换债券以及2014年8月发行的5亿美元可转换债券。

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