Monday, 7 December 2015

Over 10 Million Pays to Watch

Dec 3rd, according to Mr. Gong Yu, founder of, the website now has over 10 million preminum account users who pays for watching videos on Based on it current RMB20 per month, the Company is to generate RMB2.4 billion along side its Ads servive every year. The first 5 million accumulated over a period of 4 years, and the second 5 million took 5 month and a half. 12月3日,爱奇艺创始人、CEO龚宇对外宣布,爱奇艺付费会员数已于12月1日突破1000万。按照目前爱奇艺每月20元的收费标准计算,这意味着在付费业务上爱奇艺每月的营收将增加2亿元,一年的营收将增加24亿元。千万付费用户中“第一个500万人”的积累时长要从2011年爱奇艺的成立到今年6月16日,耗时4年,而“第二个500万人”的积累仅用了5个半月时间。

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