Thursday, 1 May 2014 on NASDAQ May 9th

May 1st, According to NASDAQ, (Nasdaq:TOUR) will be listed on May 9th. submitted IPO application on Apr 5th. It is expected to raise as much as USD120 million. The Company updated prospectus on Apr 29th, stating that it is to raise USD101.2 million by issuing 7.38 million ADS with price range between USD9-11 and will be listed in NASDAQ. 5月1日消息,据纳斯达克官网资料显示,途牛网(Nasdaq:TOUR)预计将于5月9日正式挂牌。 4月5日,途牛网向SEC提交IPO申请,欲最高融资1.2亿美元。而在4月29日,其又更新招股书,融资规模1.012亿美元,并将在纳斯达克上市。公司将发行738万股美国存托股(ADS),价格区间在9-11美元之间。

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