Monday, 21 April 2014

Tencent's Turn of Direction

Within 6 months, Tencent let go 5 of its companies, including SoSo, Digit, E-commerce, Logistics and Guangzhou, and Yixun Shanghai will be a part of JD in 2017. On the other hand, Tencent invested in Sogou, Chinasouthcity, Dianping, JD, Sina House and CJ Games with a consideration of USD1.53 billion, 5 subsidiaries and interface for Weixin and QQ. 短短半年间,腾讯先后将腾讯搜搜、腾讯数码、腾讯电商、易迅物流及腾讯广州等5家子公司剥离出去,上海易迅也基本会在2017年前并入京东。腾讯以15.3亿美元+5家子公司附加微信、QQ接口的代价,先后入股搜狗、华南城、大众点评、京东、乐居和韩国CJ Games。

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