Monday, 28 April 2014

Alibaba Acquire Video Entrance

Apr 28th, Youku Tudou announced that it has established strategic partnership with Alibaba Group. Alibaba and YF Capital acquired 721,120,860 Class A ordinary shares (18 shares = 1 ADS). Now Alibaba holds 16.5% and YF Capital holds 2% of Youku Tudou. Lu Zhaoxi, CEO of Alibaba Group is to join the Board of Youku Tudou. 4月28日,优酷土豆与阿里集团宣布建立战略投资与合作伙伴关系,阿里巴巴(滚动资讯)和云锋基金以12.2亿美元购得优酷土豆A股普通股721,120,860股(每18股优酷土豆A类普通股相当于一股ADS),阿里巴巴持股比例为16.5%,云锋基金持股比例为2%。此外,阿里集团将委派其CEO陆兆禧加入优酷土豆董事会。

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