Monday, 14 January 2013

Taobao Offers Grocery On-line

Yesterday, targeting fast consuming goods was launched in Beijing and Hangzhou for trail operation. You can buy grocery and get them delivered to your door. Presently it offers food and drink, cosmetics, baby care, house use, kitchen ware, textile. Fresh vegetable and fruits will be on-line in March. Its partners are local supermarkets and suppliers. Namely Metromall in Beijing and Hangzhou.
昨天,定位于快消品销售的“生活平台”淘宝“购便利”(正式上线,目前首选北京、杭州开展试运营。当地市民足不出户就可以买到超市生活用品,并可以享受24小时之内送货上门。 目前,“购便利”涉及食品饮料、美容洗护、母婴用品、家居百货、厨房用品、家纺针织等十余个类目,生鲜蔬果水产产品到今年3月才会上线。北京地区目前的商品种类和数量有近万种。 陶然透露,“购便利”的合作商家是线下传统超市和供应商,由商家提供合格、高品质的产品,淘宝给以指导建议,商家自行决定产品的网上定价和打折促销。目前,在北京、杭州地区的主要合作伙伴为世界顶尖级商业集团麦德龙。

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