Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Plug-ins to Snap Train Ticket

Make no mistake, in
this picture is not a riot, but Chinese trying to get on train to go home and have their most important Spring Festival, the only time in a year for many Chinese to reunite with their family. Now more and more passengers book their ticket on line. As Spring Festival comes closer, railway tickets have become too hot to get one's hands on. The offcial ticket selling site 12306.cn recorded 1.51 billion clicks in a day. As the official webpage allows only manual refresh and there are frequent jams, many company provided "ticket snapping plug-in", which automatically refresh the quest until you have it. The authorities have communicated with internet service providers about such plug-in as they bring considerable pressure on the system. However offical ban on them has yet been issued, not as previously worried. 随着春节临近,民众“购票难”的问题再度浮出水面。据此前媒体报道,铁道部12306网站近期每天流量增长20%,1天内点击量达到15.1亿次,热门线路车票甚至“不到5分钟就被抢购一空”。 针对官网订票只能手工刷新、经常拥堵、无法顺畅支付、需重复登录等问题,今年多家网络公司推出猎豹、火狐、360等“春运抢票神器”,实现自动刷票,并打出“刷不出票誓不罢休”的旗号。 工信部22日澄清说,考虑到抢票插件可能给铁道部售票系统带来较大压力,电信管理局市场管理处于1月18日晚与三家互联网企业电话沟通,要求企业关注网络情况,采取措施,避免影响售票系统正常运行,电话建议不是强制性的。

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