Thursday, 17 January 2013

Gap Between 360buy and Suning Expands released 2012 revenue recorde, revenue being RMB18.336 billion, up by 210%, which is higher than its major competitor Now it is still RMB20 billion away from turning profit, and the revenue gap between and expanded to over RMB40 billion. VP of Suning, Mr. Li Bin explained that promotion like "buy with RMB0" significantly dragged revenue per cusotmer. Low
er per customer income and repeated purchase is Suning's strategy, which is expected to present better performance in 2013. 苏宁易购前日晚间发布2012成绩单:年度营收183.36亿,同比增长210%,高于京东183%的增速———但这一业绩难言完美,不但离保本目标200亿仍有一步之遥,和京东商城的差距更从2011年的150亿扩大到400亿以上。 对此,苏宁易购执行副总裁李斌解释称,全年主推的“0元购”活动形式,大幅拉低了苏宁易购整体客单价水平,这是苏宁易购在主要运营指标均达预期的情况下,实体商品销售额增幅下降的原因。但他强调,低客单价和高重复购买率,这是苏宁易购为全品类快速发展所做的主动策略,相信易购在2013年会有更佳表现。

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